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Updated 9/03/08

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welcome to across the

a 7,800-mile trek toward understanding

                  Andes MUZEO ANDES2 MUZEO ANDES 3

Please visit:

This is Gregg's new non profit dedicated to pairing adventure athletes with scientists.

The two of us hiked in the summer of 2010 from the Yellowstone Ecosystem to the Frank Church wilderness area in Idaho in order to document infrigments to connectivity in this key conservation area.  Please visit Connecting the Gems.

We have been named National Geographic Adventurers of the Year -Culture. Click here for the article

Gregg and Deia are speaking about their adventure throughout the U.S, please visit the Presentations page for more info.


Deia is working on her Master's in Science and Natural History Filmmaking at Montana State University.


Gregg has started a non profit dedicated to pairing adventure athletes with scientists.

Gregg is tracking wolverines and lynx in the mountains arond Bozeman, MT.  click here for more details on Wild Things Unlimited and the project.

Gregg worked on a research project with spotted owls in the Tahoe Naitonal Forest last summer. Click on the owl for updates about the experience.

The Hike:

Our goal was to backpack the length of the Andes Mountain Range, in the mountains. Combining a number of trekking methods including but not limited to, cross-country point-the-compass-and-go trekking, following foot and horse trails that have been used for centuries by local farmers and tradesmen, skipping down the Capaq Ñan (the original Incan Trail), and ever so occasionally braving the train lines, we accomplished our goal on April 17th, 2008. Our desire was to experience the culture and environment of the Andes first-hand in a manner that we feel only the pace of walking accommodates. Our intent was to learn as much as possible about the sustainable means of living that the people of South America have used for centuries, in order that we may teach what we have learned upon our return to the U.S. To the best of our knowledge, having successfully completed the trek, after covering 56 degrees of the globe, trekking more than 7800 miles, we became the first two people to backpack the Andes Mountain Range, the first two to walk it through the mountains without relying on roads, and Deia became the first woman to have walked South America.

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