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Across The Andes the Movie

This video is available in higher quality on DVD.  Please contact us if you would like a copy.  We ask for a suggested donation of $15.

Current Videos

guinos hop


Down in the Valley Below 7/21/07 3.7mb
Almost to Cholloque Cruz 7/21/07 5.2mb
Not A Bad Lunch Spot 7/21/07 5.2mb
Off Route 7/21/07 3.2mb
Gregg Gets Emotional On Top 7/21/07 5.4mb
Just Down from Summit 6/26/07 2.5mb
Birds on a Feather, Again 6/26/07 2.5mb
Deia's Thoughts 6/26/07 2.5mb
Range Steaps 6/26/07 2.5mb
Amarya New Years 6/26/07 2.5mb
Gregg Cleans a Sheep 6/26/07 2.5mb
Halfway Baby 6/26/07 2.5mb
Summit Push 6/25/07 2.5mb
Typical 3/20/07 5mb
Salty 3/20/07 4.5mb
Salty360 3/20/07 3.6mb
Dancing On The Salt Flats 3/20/07 4.2mb
Water Bad 3/20/07 2.5mb
Salar Maricunga 3/20/07 4mb
Gregg Quicksand 3/20/07 4.3mb
Gregg Down Scree 3/20/07 1.7
Deia Hikes 3/20/07 4.5 mb
Transition Zone 2/20/07 3.6mb
Bushwacking Again 2/20/07 3.3mb
Global Warming 2/20/07 3.9mb
We Reach Argentina 2/20/07 6.4mb
Finally Sickness 2/20/07 3.4mb
Walk With Gregg 2/20/07 7.7mb
Huarez Christmas 1/20/07 3.3mb
Cabbie sings, Sunshine 1/20/07 3mb
Cabbie Sings 1/20/07 4.4mb
Hard Climbing 1/20/07 3.3mb
Inca Trail, Deia Hikes Up 12/23/06 2.5mb
Inca Trail, All The Way Down There 12/23/06 4.9mb
Life Sure Sucks 12/10/06 4.9mb
15000 Foot Pass 12/10/06 4.6mb
Lucky to be Here 11/24/06 3.9mb
It's Amazing 11/24/06 4.2mb
First Clear Day 11/24/06 5.6mb
First 5000m Ridge 11/24/06 3.5mb
Driving Into 10000ft Canyon del Pato 11/24/06 1.5mb
Ridge Before First Nevado View 11/24/06 7.7mb
Kids10/15/06 2mb
Flying Monkey 10/15/06 1mb
Crochunter 10/15/06 2.5mb
Fishing 10/15/06 5mb

Current Videos