Gregg and Deia are experienced public speakers.  They have presented in front of thousands of people throughout the United States.  Their stated goal when beginning the expedition was to learn as much as possible about sustainable ways of life in order that they could share their findings upon returning home. Gregg and Deia are thrilled to have that opportunity

Any presentation can be tailored to meet your needs.  Contact Deia and Gregg for pricing and availability.

The Show:
45 min - 2 hrs.

Gregg Treinish and Deia Schlosberg believe in the value of traveling at a natural human pace.  In April 2008, Gregg and Deia became the first people to trek the length of the Andes Mountains, south of the equator, a journey that lasted nearly two years and 7,800 miles.  Following the spine of the longest mountain chain in the world, the couple created a new route, often times off-trail and even off-map.  Along the way they were forced to battle crippling illnesses and highly unforgiving terrain.  Traveling to remote and often never-before-visited villages in the Andes, they experienced first hand the lives of a people who have been living for centuries using sustainable methods.  They see a tremendous value in sharing the lessons learned from a people who have been living harmoniously with the land for generations.  Through intimate journal entries, stunning video, and captivating slides, Gregg and Deia bring their audiences along for the journey.
Gregg and Deia were named National Geographic Adventurers of the year in 2008.  Their trek has been documented by Wend, Backpacker, and Outside Magazines, and they are looking forward to the time to complete a book about the journey.  Gregg and Deia  are currently living in Bozeman, MT.

-We had the largest turnout in history for our annual meeting, due in large part to the anticipation surrounding our keynote speakers. Gregg and Deia did not disappoint. The presentation was captivating and inspirational, moving the room full of hikers and backpackers to laugh at moments and to be introspective at others. We were inspired by what these two have accomplished and equally so by what they have planned for the future.

Lisa Cashel - Director of Trail Operations
Tahoe Rim Trail Association-

- If you ever have a chance to see Gregg and Deia speak on their adventures, it would be well worth your while.  Granite Gear has been working them as sponsored athletes for several years now, through their Across the Andes trip and we had the pleasure of hosting them in their first slideshow after returning from South America.   

The presentation was engaging, and entertaining.  They have provided us with stunning images we have used extensively in our advertising, catalogs, and trade show banners.  The quality and professionalism is always present, but Gregg and Deia are some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Cruikshank
Owner- Granite Gear

- ... outstanding presentation last night.  I echo the sentiments of the woman who came up afterwards and said she just wanted to give you guys a hug.

James Hetland
REI Portland Outreach